Eager for the Spring Landscaping Season to Start!

March 14th, 2014

We’ve been busy this winter getting set up for the upcoming season!  We have added another trailer to our fleet this year and can’t wait to get it all set up for Spring.  We went with an enclosed trailer for the newest addition to help get us even more organized on job sites…and of course we’re going to wrap it with our name/logo so it presented a certain ‘cool’ factor we couldn’t resist!  We’ve also been busy with courses and seminars during the off-season.  We’ve attended a couple Landscape Ontario meetings, which gave us valuable insight for the upcoming season including how to keep our vehicles that much safer on the road with a seminar presented by the MTO.  We went to a lighting seminar as well, we are hoping to make sure our work is easily enjoyed day or night this year with a new focus on illumination.  We’ve also been working on our landscape design credentials and looking forward to providing even more professionalism in that respect to our clients this year.  One of our employees attended a Skid Steer certification course provided by Landscape Ontario recently as well.  He is now a certified operator and looking forward to putting his new knowledge to good use this season.  Next up on the list of landscaping seminars/trade shows is Canada Blooms!

We recently attended a Mix and Mingle at Durham College where we were able to take a tour of the facility and meet with 1st and 2nd year students in their horticultural program.  It was an excellent event and we were so happy to see the talent in the classes there…especially since we are looking to hire for the upcoming season.  They have enthusiastic teachers and although the course is really in it’s infancy right now their plans for a greenhouse and ‘giant sandbox’ will help to grow these students and the program.  We are looking forward to a great partnership with Durham College moving forward as I can’t think of a better way to get involved with people that want to enter into the landscaping industry.

Even though the winter weather is still hanging around the sunny days have us (and some of our clients) already looking at upcoming projects for this year.  Already starting to feel the buzz and excitement of the new year with the couple projects we have started designing and getting ready for!  It’s shaping up to be a busy season so make sure you contact us as soon as possible to get us working on your next project!

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