Turf Management (IPM) and Maintenance

Energized Surroundings offers homeowners professional lawn care programs built specifically for your lawn based on soil samples and/or scouting by a certified IPM (Integrated Pest Management) Agent. With the help of an accredited turf manager Energized Surroundings brings the look of a manicured golf course to your own backyard. We promise high quality and hassle free lawn care delivered by turf care professionals with reasonable pricing that will have only the grubs squirming!

Our goal is to deliver  the following:

Programs Available

Fertility/Bio-Control Program:Truck Equiped with Spray Tank

*Customers can do all of these things or select one, programs are based on client’s individual budget and lawn care goals. Please contact us to find out what works best for you and your property!*

Company to Company:

Energized Surroundings also offers services for other lawn care professionals. Please see list below and contact us for further information: