Spring is in the Air!

April 8th, 2013

Spring is in the air and we are geared up for another busy season!  We’ve used the last couple of months to focus on seminars and courses to keep us sharp and help to develop more of our skills and serve you better!  Mo focused on his Landscape Design courses that he is taking at Guelph University and we can already see the payoff from this in our client drawings for this season.  Now that we have someone trained in Auto Cad the organization and professionalism of the drawings that we present to the clients has improved ten fold. It can be tough to go back to school as an adult but it’s so nice when you can see the results so quickly and understand how important continuing education is in any industry.  Michelle has continued with her learning as well attending a couple of seminars with Landscape Ontario focused on providing better lawn care for homeowners with the Cosmetic Pesticide Ban in place.  She took a course that focused on using native species for gardening to help reduce drought stress and disease pressure and she took another one that focused on lawn care and what can be done to give homeowners a beautiful lawn without the products we all relied on in previous years.  These courses are already showing their worth in plans for current and prospective clients.  In this day and age where people are starting to show a real sense of environmental stewardship we are finding that by educating clients about the products that we can use on their lawn or why it is beneficial to use native plants (whether that be for maintenance reasons or because they want to encourage birds and/or butterfly presence in their yard) people are eager to learn about what they can do to reduce their own carbon footprint.  This is a much bigger topic, and one that Michelle could talk about all day, so please contact us for more information on how you too can maintain beautiful outdoor surroundings and still respect the environment.

We have also added a maintenance department to our company this year!  We have been doing lawn care for some other companies in the area as we grew and developed over the past couple of years, but this year we are ready to tackle a full roster of our own maintenance clients!  Michelle will be heading this department with her many years of golf course maintenance experience and schooling playing a big role in how we serve our clients.  Being on a golf course Michelle had the privilege of setting up and working within various Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs.  IPM is a system that uses scouting methods to determine pressures from turf diseases, weed and insect problems (such as grubs) and if the issue needs to be addressed we look at cultural methods first to solve the problem.  For example we would look at reducing watering times if the lawn has a sprinkler system, or aerifying or de-thatching the lawn before we move towards the pesticides.  In addition to diagnosing and treating your lawn we will now also be offering high quality cutting and trimming programs to homeowners.  We know summer is too short as it is and many people would rather spend their time off with their family rather than doing chores around the house.  So we are bringing the professionalism of golf course maintenance to your yard!  We will take care of the mowing and trimming and even the garden maintenance if you like, just contact us for more info on how we can help!

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